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About Mrs. J's Heav'nly Delights

Our Story

Mrs.J's Heav'nly Delights became a business in 2014 when my husband lost his job. I had given the toffee away for 12 years because I love to see people light up in excitement when I would  hand them some. There is now a greater dream on my heart that I would love to see happen and be a part of! My vision is to have Mrs. J's Heav'nly Delights be able to have enough support and sales to have a home where foster children can come live in a small village that is operated by Mrs. J, her husband and 5 children, and those who would want to come be a part of our family. The village would be called Bise Village -named after my inspiration - a dear lady I had the privilege to take care of for 9 months, Geraldine Francis Bise. We know our treats will make you happy, and we will be blessed by your purchase. Thank you for your support! Our goal is to make a difference in the world we live in.      -Mama J

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