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Citrus Fruits

Mrs J's Heav'nly Delights

Psalm 37:4

Our Sweets



Our Fudges are smooth and creamy, we guarantee a bite of yum.

toffee 3.png


Enjoy our toffees, they are easy to eat, not hard and sticky (Gluten Free)

caramel sauce 6.png

Caramel Sauce

Rich pure caramel taste made with all natural ingredients.

About Mrs. J's Heav'nly Delights

Mrs. J’s Heav’nly Delights is a family run business that makes irresistible treats guaranteed to leave your mouth craving for more! Mrs. J has been making her "Heav'nly Toffee" since Christmas 2005, but upon the loss of a job, the "making others smile" hobby has now become a full-time business. We are a company that has goals of expanding large enough to support our future missions. Mrs. J's toffee is not sticky and hard like other toffees, but rather sweetened and softened to perfection. We are beyond appreciative of your business and may God bless you!

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